Products - Thyristor Power Regulator W5 Series

Control and applied loading

  • Phase angle control : continuous phase angle control, steady output, current gauge reading remains steady. But, every half wave will produce harmonic wave.
    Applicable loading: fixed resistance loading, variable resistance loading, inductive loading, IR light bulb.
  • Zero crossing control: distributed zero crossing control, minimum resolution 1 Hz, no harmonic wave, and current gauge reading oscillates.
    Applicable loading: fixed resistance loading

Wiring and setup notices

Single phase Two-wire three-phase Three-wire three-phase  
NFB → can cut off power to prevent personnel from electric shock during maintenance.
MC → can cut off supplied loading power when the power regulator malfunctions or the temperature is higher than the pre-set value. Cutting off the power can avoid the system burn down by overheating and prevent more serious damage.
Power regulato → can adjust the output power according to the control signal. (This product is embedded with the high-speed fuse, extra fuse is not necessary.)
  • Standard main circuit setup: main power →molded case circuit breaker → contactors → power regulator → loading.
  • The screw must be tightened during the wiring setup to avoid high temperature resulting from bad contact.
  • Once the wiring setup is completed, the front panel and safety cover must be properly installed before the system is powered up to avoid the electric shock or short circuit caused by dropped conductive objects.