Products - WS Series Solid State Realay


  • S series with ingenious design, small dimension, big cooling area, sufficient capacity .
  • Special design DIN35 orbit fixed, easy for installation, dismantling, moving.
  • Double SCR design, high withstand voltage, high withstand current, no electrical interference.
  • Stop output in case for over temperature that is for protecting SCR and instruction function.
  • Single speciation design with wide useful range from 24VAC to 480VAC.

Model Number Denotation

  SR48Z18 SR48Z26 SR48Z36 SR48Z46
CURRENT VOLTAGE 24~480VAC 24~480VAC 24~480VAC 24~480VAC
FUSE FWC-25A10F FWC-32A10F 45ET 63FE
DIMENSION 90L*54W*98H 90L*54W*148H 90L*54W*148H 130L*54W*148H
WEIGHT 0.45KG 0.6KG 0.65KG 0.9KG

Unit : mm

Description of Indicator Lamps

Input:The green lamp lights up when input signal is in. (Input signal 10-32VDC)

TH Err: The red over-temp indicator lamp lights up and SSR output ceases when the temperature on heat sink exceeds 90°C. At this time, please check the ventilation condition or over-high ambient temperature. (The SSR output resumes when the temperature comes down to below 8O°C.)


Notice conditions

The units can be used with 100% full load with ambient temperature below 30°C;otherwise, please use it under rated current condition. (Refer to Fig. 4)

When purchasing, the power supply variation (+20%) and load error should be considered. Please do not use with overload.