Products - WS Series Power Regulator


  • The compact design of S series needs no auxiliary power source and comes in simple wring so that it can be controlled by just 4-20mA input.
  • Unique design that incorporates fixing by DIN35 guiderail, allowing easy installation, removal and moving.
  • Dual SCR architecture, highly voltage and current withstanding, free from any interference to excel all average TRIACs.
  • Includes protection and indication of over-temperature output stopping.
  • Large heat dissipating area, sufficient capacity.
  • Design of single specification providing wide range of application from 180 to 480VAC.

Model Number Denotation

  SP48P18 SP48P26 SP48P36 SP48P46
CURRENT VOLTAGE 180A~480VAC 180~480VAC 180~480VAC 180~480VAC
FUSE FWC-25A10F FWC-32A10F 45ET 63FE
DIMENSION 90L*54W*98H 130L*54W*98H 90L*54W*148H 130L*54W*148H
WEIGHT 0.45KG 0.6KG 0.65KG 0.9KG

Unit : mm

Description Of Indicator Lamps

Input:Input signal 4mA green led lamp is with weak light, green led lamp is complete light when input signal 20mA.

TH Err: Temperature of cooling sheet is over 90°C, red led lamp is lighting which means over temperature, output of scr will stop, please check high ambient temperature or poor ventilation.
(The SCR output resumes when the temperatures comes down to below 80°C.)


Notice conditions

One temperature controller can only control one unit SCR.

The max output voltage is 95%.

It can be complete work to 100% if ambient temperature is under 30°C,otherwise, please operate it under current rating.

Make choice of purchase please cogitate power fluctuant rate and heater error, or order aggrandize a grade.