Products - Power Factor Correction With Static Switches

Benefit of Static Switch

Under some huge and rapid load variation condition, if use traditional magnetic driven stepping capacitor faces the power factor correction and response speed problem. It is necessary to use Static Switch driven capacitors to meet the requirements of reactive power load.
In case of the above situation, it is necessary to apply the Static Switch with was designed and fabricated by the excellent thyristor technology and consists of following advantages:

1. Eliminate the transient state during switching on/off period

Capacitors shall be turn on step by step at zero crossing whenever it is fully or partially charged, it shall erase the transient state: wave distortion and other surge can be avoided, it shall not disturb on-line electronic equipment. (Fig 1)

2. No limitation for switching on or off

Static Switch is capable to be used in the case of fast and frequent operation. In fact, based on load requirement, the on off action could be possibly finished within on cycle (1/60 Hz).

3. Fact response for reactive power requirement

The fast response is not acquired by traditional magnetic switch, such as welding machine, crane lifter, arcing facility or any other kind machine with repeated and short cycle load, the Static Switch is the only solution for system power factor correction.

4. Durable capacitor and switch

Because the transient state was eliminated and no moveable mechanical parts existed, the life of equipment (capacitor and static switch) is significantly longer than traditional system.